17th Jul2011
miniv+ sml1

NEW ! Mini V+ Mega Deal

The New Mini V + is the upgrade to the very popular Mini V, its slightly bigger than the Mini V at a wingspan of 33 inches...

25th Jun2011

Hanging around

Have been working on tail sitting and automatic prop hanging, should be good for 3D crowd.

25th Jun2011

CopterControl Camera stabilization

Coming soon the ability to control two servos to stabilize cameras mounted on your platforms. James has is working its just undergoing testing.

13th Jun2011

CopterControl Guidance Developments

OpenPilot developer Corvus is continuing integrating GPS navigation to the CopterControl board, its going well and will be tested hard! CopterControl will accept any NMEA compatible GPS....

21st May2011

Hexacopter development

  It flies and flies well, the Copter Control was simple to setup.Expect a kit soon with camera mount and slightly different layout to the norm.We have...

27th Dec2010

Underslung load Scorpion

Doing lots and lots of test flying for the Scorpion became, well quite dull so played with underslung loads. This one flying in South Africa with the...

20th Jul2010

Farnborough 2010

A fun time had by all.    

10th Jul2010

Firecracker foolery

New flying wing design  

18th Mar2010

Flying things day

  A mornings flying a Brayfield. Nigel from Blue River studios demonstrating his sUAS to us.

18th Nov2009

Hot and High

All the sea level testing is one thing but design counts when the air gets thinner, happy to say that the Manta flew fine at 30C and...